The Island Of Dancing Skeletons


Another of my ‘hobbies’ is web authoring. I dare say ‘design’. That’s the part I suck at. Always function before form. I know how to do some cool little things and have spent way to much time figuring out ways of managing large amounts of data… My website, utilizes PHP and MySQL, as well as some JavaScript and (drags me kicking and screaming into this century) CSS. I have also written a couple of mods for the phpBB forum script. [brags]They have been downloaded and installed a few thousand times.[/brags]

Anyway, in my quest to learn this crap, I wrote a lot of functionality into my site that goes unused. First off, no one knows who I am, nor have they heard my music, nor do they know I have a band, nor have they heard the band’s music. Ah well, it’s always been this way. Now I have the potential for hundreds of people a day to find me. Potential is not the only thing I have wasted these thirty-some years.

So, back to the topic at hand, best friends. Mind you, I am not talking about ‘beast friends’, as in “man’s best friend”. I don’t even like dogs. I’m talking about my best bud and his band that live (almost) all the way across the country in Tucson, AZ. Chris is a handsome fellow in a smashing band called The IODS (which stands for the Island Of Dancing Skeletons) which I think is fab. They have a myspace page. Also, they registered a domain,

Chris and I talked it over, we had lofty plans for their website. He sent me huge resolution image scans of collages they made (Scanned pieces of paper! It has been so long since I have dealt with artwork that originated on paper…) Really cool pictures, nonetheless… all Grandpa Caveman technology aside.

Chris’ idea was to have an image background and mouse rollovers on different areas of the picture to get different places. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, so I got the pictures resized, got them up, and then went google image surfing. I like pages like Flickr and things like that, but if you want a truly random assortment of strangeness, you google that shit.

Anyway, the pages were really cool, but took too long to load, even on the T1 connection at work. It would have been much better as a Flash page. So, now we are 9 months into it, big eyesore of a not so working, oh so lacking content web site that is currently up at their domain… So, it’s time that I get back onto it and start working to make a simple, yet eye-catching, yet functional, yet interesting, yet informative, yet fun to make web site for my buddy’s band.

Today, I wrote some JavaScript drop-down lists that would change the background color, font color, and font background color on what will be their front page. It’s pretty cool, actually. Their current myspace background image is a tree with a kite stuck in it. I am using that as a fixed background image, and need to see which colors work and which don’t. When text goes over the tree image, most colors of text are impossible to read. That’s just bad planning if you ask me.

Look at the majority of myspace profile pages and you can’t read the text.

That drives me insane.

Now I don’t even want to write anymore.

The point is, I’m working on that page, we’re all very excited. I told them it was good.

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