Sour Grapes is now available on the site!


All set, folks.

I have uploaded all of the recordings, entered the lyrics into the database, uploaded album art, added the album to the jukebox playlists, etc.

The only thing that isn’t working currently is the big zip file with very large album art images for printing. It takes too long to upload and for some reason, the file is going bad and FTP errors out somewhere along the way. I will keep trying to get it uploaded.

I am finally satisfied with the mixes and the sound of everything as a whole. It has been a very rewarding experience for me and I hope to have another one coming soon.

Go visit the discography page to take a look and download it all.

On a side note, I have also added six new recordings from earlier in the year, including an off-the-cuff cover of When Doves Cry.

Sour Grapes release delayed


I have reached what seemed to be final mixes yesterday, but have since decided to rework the drum programs. The feedback that I have gotten thus far is good, but the thing that keeps coming up is realistic, but repetitive drum programs. Due to the nature of programmed drums, you end up with the exact same drum hits over and over again. Real drummers, even the best of them, will vary the velocity from one hit to the next. I have begun reprogramming all of the drum tracks, varying each hit and better utilizing the multi-velocity samples that are in the drum sets I created in Battery.

The result will be a much more organic sounding album, with less drum machiny distractions.

I am now about 6 hours into this part of the project and have two songs done. This and today’s release of GTA IV for PC will most likely mean a week’s delay in posting Sour Grapes on the site for your perusal.

The album art looks good, so far. I don’t know if I will be making changes or not. Usually there are more images involved, but this time it’s just one, a theme that is repeated in various fashions on each panel, front insert, rear insert, tray liner, and CD face.

The new is up and running


As you can see, the blog styles have not yet been updated with the new look from the main site, but it is coming soon. As with the site, the new design utilizes a more efficient menu bar image, so page load times should be decreased significantly. Also, there are 40, count ’em… 40 image schemes that this site will randomly cycle through on each page load. I have gotten mixed feedback about them, so I will probably be trimming some of the less cool ones in the future. If you would like to view the image schemes like a gallery, go to the front page and click Next / Previous to cycle through each of them. Once you go past 40, it starts over, because I’m too lazy to write it to do otherwise.

To view the same sort of image set gallery on the medina line site, go to the front page and do the same thing. There are only 31 image schemes over there.